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RosenPharma, a.s. is a 100% Czech company focusing on the technology of tablet form production and production of dietary supplements. As part of a contractual partnership, it produces and supplies dietary supplements in tablets for the GS brand of Green Swan in the Czech market.

In 2003, RosenPharma started the implementation of its own production programme based on thorough knowledge of the technology of production and medicinal characteristics of natural products.

The year 2006 marked a milestone in this strategy, as it saw completion of a plant for the production of tablets and finalization of products made of PELOIX® - pure peat extract. In the autumn of 2006, RosenPharma introduced its own range of natural products containing the PELOIX® concentrate under the brand of RosenSPA. The company’s home spa products – brown and green RosenSPA – stand for baths offering the medicinal features of peat, which have been known for thousands of years. A special process enabled us to isolate the peat’s active substances and concentrate them in a solution, delivering the medicinal effects of peat baths to your bathtub at home. Introduction of the RosenSPA series kicked off further development of the company’s own products.

Our new production plant at Veverské Knínice near Brno was built in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, through which the State Institute for Drug Control, Prague stipulates strict rules for manufacturing products classified as pharmaceuticals.


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RosenPharma a.s.

RosenPharma a.s. je českou farmaceutickou společností a na našem trhu působí již bezmála dvě desetiletí. Specializuje se na technologii výroby léčiv. Od samých počátků dbá na vysokou kvalitu přípravků a na prověřené receptury založené na čistě přírodní bázi. Odkaz na hlavní stránky: www.rosenpharma.cz



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