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Collagen can give you beautiful hair, nails and lashes

Having beautiful shiny hair, long and strong nails and dense lashes is what every woman dreams of. Unfortunately, the nature gives some more and some less, and thus many of us are fighting breaking hair without volume, brittle and cracking nails or thin lashes with expensive cosmetics and various cosmetic procedures. To be honest, not with ultimate success.

Quality of our hair and nails is largely given by our predispositions, yet it also reflects our diet, hormonal balance, stress, overall health condition, or the environment we live in. Women regularly using Kolagen FORTE and particularly Kolagen FORTE with hyaluronic acid confirm significant improvements of quality of their hair and nails. Some even noted denser lashes. Here are some of the many comments we received on Kolagen FORTE:

Jana V., Karlovy Vary: ... My hairdresser pointed out better quality of my hair already after three months of collagen treatment. Then I also noticed the shine and lasting volume of my hair...

Sylvie S., beautician, Prague: ... You can easily say which of my customers use collagen on a regular basis. Their skin is more flexible and of higher quality in general despite their advanced years. However, after losing a customer who used to come for lash filling for years because her lashes got denser with taking collagen, I finally decided to take collagen as well. Now I cannot say anything against it; I have already noticed the improved quality of my skin, stronger nails and truly shiny and healthy hair. I and my customers are now your regulars.

Bohdana R., Nové Město na Moravě: ... my nails stopped cracking completely. I suffered from it mostly during the winter; the summer always made it a bit better. This winter was without a single broken or cracked nail. I tried many things, but collagen was the only thing that helped me in the long term.

Tereza H., Náchod: ... I have recommended collagen to all of my colleagues and friends already. I even bought Kolagen FORTE + hyaluronic acid for one year for my mother as a Christmas gift...

David Č., Prague 4: ... Early this year, my coach at the fitness centre recommended me collagen. Frankly, I did not believe it at first; I thought that he only wants to sell a product. But I got convinced and now I am happy for it. Not only I got completely rid of my knee and elbow joint aches that I got from time to time, I also noticed that my skin got generally firmer and more flexible (I have to admit that I used to have a bit loose skin on my belly, I am not youngest after all, but it disappeared). Now, my coach and I are making jokes that collagen and fitness can turn every guy into a sexy man....

Marie N, Třeboň: ... Examples work wonders and thus when my neighbour’s hair and nails got better with collagen so much that even I mentioned it, I decided to buy the product as well. Now, we always place orders together to save on shipping fees.

Jaroslav B., Ústí nad Labem: ... Perhaps mostly women use collagen, but it was recommended to me at the hairdresser’s after I wanted something to prevent my hair from falling out. Then at a pharmacy they recommended that I should try the variant of collagen with hyaluronic acid and so I did. After six months, my hair is really denser, as the hairdresser also confirmed, and so I will certainly stick to collagen. Also, being a keen cyclist, it will certainly help my tendons and joints.

Hana V., Plzeň: ... I have been considering a face-lifting surgery a lot; I move around people every day and have to look good and thus I minded my face wrinkles a lot. At my wellness centre, they recommended that I should use Kolagen FORTE with hyaluronic acid. Today, I see all pros, as after taking it regularly, I do not need any expensive surgery; my skin got tone by itself in a natural way, without scars. Sure, the face-lifting would eventually have to be done, yet I believe that with Kolagen FORTE, the time is still very far.

Katka Z., Třebíč: ... All supplements seem to me as a mere way to get money from people for nothing and thus I did not buy any until recently. Back then my knee joint started aching and my doctor recommended collagen as a supportive supplement. I started taking Kolagen FORTE. Today, I have no trouble with my joints, but, most of all: my hair is denser and look brilliant; also, my nails stopped breaking. The doctor confirmed that it’s what collagen did. So, I have to adjust my opinion: most supplements are a mere way to get money from people for nothing, but KOLAGEN FORTE TRULY HELPS.

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