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Collagen – way to long-lasting youth

We have come to conclude again that our ancestors were right doing what they did. We are speaking about skins, cartilages or streaky meat. Perhaps they even did not know that by eating these, they are regularly filling up their bodies with a protein named collagen, yet by common sense they learned that "cartilages must be good for cartilages and skins for the skin”. And it is true; our healthy diet or even vegetarianism deprives us unintentionally of this very important protein.

Our body is capable of forming collagen to a limited extent only; moreover, its production decreases to a minimum with increasing age. Yet, it is vital to us, as it accounts for 25 - 30% of weight of all our proteins, 10% of our total weight, or up to 70% of the skin! Collagen is part of bones, cartilages, tendons, vessel walls. It can be found in the cornea, teeth, and of course the skin. Sufficient collagen makes our skin flexible and fine, free of wrinkles. Also, it gives us healthy, strong and shiny hair and strong nails, not to mention healthy joints and ligaments.  

What happens if we have low levels of collagen? Briefly said, we get older and fade. Or, after losing weight, we find out that the skin is literally hanging on us. The body gives us signals that something is wrong: quality of our skin worsens, new wrinkles are discovered, our hair starts falling off, nails break, teeth crumble, and we feel discomforting pain in the back and joints.

What to do now? Eating side of pork, brawn or aspics at large and all of a sudden might not end well. Enjoying packs of gummy bears made of collagen is a way, but certainly not for everybody. The right way is to start providing our body with collagen in the form of tablets, but the tablets must be hydrolysed, i.e. soluble. That is the only form that our body can use efficiently.

However, constant intake of collagen in tablets is not the final win. We require sufficient Vitamin C to let our body manage the amounts of collagen supplied. Therefore, it is advisable to accompany collagen tablets with enough of fresh fruits and vegetables on our menu. But that is rather a big plus, isn’t it?

Do not be afraid to show the world that you are still far from being out of the game. Enjoy your firm skin, beautiful shiny hair and healthy nails as long as possible. Collagen will certainly help you achieve that.


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