Kolagen FORTE + hyaluronic acid: Your way to long-lasting youth and perfect shape

 Age, stress and even a healthy diet can be detrimental to the condition of your skin, hair, nails or joints. Sometimes it makes us all even wonder how fast the signs of ageing start appearing on the skin of people who intentionally try to avoid “unhealthy” food on their menu, such as a streaky side of pork, cartilages or skin.

The time tells us to eat healthy and look young, but in some cases that is easier to say than do. By avoiding the mentioned fat meat, we are depriving our body of a very important protein named collagen. Collagen causes our skin to be firm, hair shiny and strong and nails strong. However, our body loses its ability to produce collagen itself with increasing age. Collagen deficiency then has a negative impact on our looks, as well as the condition of our teeth, joints and tendons. Paradoxically, despite efforts at maintaining young look and good shape with advancing years, a healthy diet can deprive our body of a good health condition supplied by collagen.

Collagen becomes a hot topic, and it is often recommended by hairdressers, beauticians, fitness studios or even pregnancy centres. All of the above have an opportunity to compare the real condition “before and after collagen treatment”.

The beneficial effects of collagen can be further improved and accelerated by means of concurrent application of hyaluronic acid, being a molecule with truly amazing effects. Besides hydrating your skin, it reduces occurrence of wrinkles, hydrates eyes and enables a clearer view, is absolutely essential for healing wounds, scratches and burns, promotes hair growth and regeneration (such as after colouring). Hyaluronic acid also supports formation of new collagen and, combined with collagen, positively influences treatment of joints and the locomotor system.

Thus, it is no wonder that hyaluronic acid lately became a phenomenon and an indispensable component of cosmetic products. Until recently, it was only available in the form of creams, cosmetic products or injections. However, studies confirmed its absorption through the digestive system, which opened a completely new method of application of this “youth molecule”, namely by giving us an opportunity to apply hyaluronic acid in the form of tablets.

Everyone preferring a healthy rational diet, taking care of own look and shape, or those who want to suppress the signs of ageing as much as possible, are now given an opportunity to achieve visible results in a relatively short time with Kolagen FORTE + hyaluronic acid. Both collagen and hyaluronic acid are compounds absolutely natural to our body and thus the products can be also used in the long term without concerns about any negative effects whatsoever. On the contrary, their use can even notably defer a planned face-lifting surgery. Kolagen FORTE + hyaluronic acid is also suitable for treatment of bedsores, burns, rodent ulcers, scars after surgery or even before optical surgery.

Taking care of own look and health is modern and desirable. Why not start with the products of exceptional quality from Czech Republic’s RosenPharma a.s.?

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