What is collagen?

Collagen is the most important protein in the human body. Its particles are interconnected to form strong fibres making the structure of cells, tissues and organs of the body. Collagen accounts for 25-30% of weight of all proteins in a human body, 10% of the total body weight, and up to 70% of the skin. Collagen deficiency occurs with increasing age, which is also the cause of formed wrinkles. Collagen is a protein insoluble in water, and it the main organic compound of all connective and fibrous tissues including bones, cartilages, vessel walls, cornea, ligaments, teeth and mostly skin. Collagen molecules are characteristic of their firmness and the triple helix structure they form. Collagen’s smallest structural units are amino acids. These are interconnected in specific long peptide chains. Three chains are then twisted in a helix – collagen. Generally, collagen forms white, non-transparent fibrous masses surrounded by varying masses of other proteins depending on tissue type. Inside the human body, collagen is produced by cells of various types. However, collagen formation is reduced with increasing age. Our body can manage the amount of collagen in our body in a way to not jeopardize fundamental functions upon its decreased formation. However, we should not underestimate the warning signals sent by our body when lacking collagen, such as impaired quality of skin, occurring wrinkles, hair falling out, cracking nails, aches and shooting pain in the back and joints.

Healthy rational diet lacks collagen!

There are only two ways to acquire collagen. The first is its natural formation in our body, which, however, gets reduced to a minimum over time. The second option is to acquire collagen from food.

Intake from food

Collagen is part of fibrous and connective tissues and thus it can be only acquired from food by consuming streaky meat, cartilages and skin. Our grandmothers knew well how healthy a side of pork or brawn can be! Today, many people stick to healthy rational diet. However, there is almost no collagen in such healthy rational food. Also, strict or even drastic dieting unintentionally restricts collagen intake to a minimum. This may show up in various ways – often, the symptoms include crumbling teeth, toneless skin, wrinkled and toneless face, thin and cracking nails, aching joints, or osteoporosis. In other words, salads or drastic dieting will be of no help for your perfect skin and healthy connective and fibrous tissues. On the other hand, this does not mean that we should get back to overeating fat meat! The best solution is to take the middle course and add collagen in the form of a dietary supplement!
Kolagen FORTE tablets contain systemic collagen that is easily absorbed, smoothly processed by the body without problems and without any load on the digestive system, applying it where it’s needed.

Collagen biosynthesis is a very complex process, almost impossible to be understood by a non-professional. It is important to remember that the body is capable of forming collagen, yet this production declines to a minimum with increasing age. Also, it is important to bear in mind that Vitamin C is essential for proper formation of high quality and functional collagen.


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